Horses and horse supplies for sale in Traverse City, MI

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Brooklyn is an American Shetland, Rocky Mountain cross, and is in great shape! She is 16 years old. In the summertime Brooklyn's coat is brown with white speckles and cream mane and tail. And in the wintertime, her coat is light brown and curly! Brooklyn is super sweet and gentle. She does have a little bit of an attitude when she is not familiar with her surroundings. Brooklyn is great with th...
Cole is an 18 year old black and white Hackney Pony, with the sweetest personality! Cole is the sweetest pony you'll ever meet! He is calm and super, super gentle, and LOVES kids(-: Cole is skinny and a bit hard to maintain with keeping him in shape. Most Hackney ponies tend to get harder to keep in good shape as they get older. Cole just had his trimming and worming, he is good with baths, but...
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