Our club needs a working, recordable keyboard for meetings. We want to play God Bless America before the meeting and playback some popular similar American songs after the dinner. I work in TC, so I can pick it up near Traverse city. Thank you!
weck 743 or any other
Looking for an overbed tray...like they use in a hospitals. Thanks in advance for consideration!
Mine died. Need a new one and a little bit of it's home tea to restart. Thank you!
ISO Barbie dolls for Halloween decoration. They do not need to be in good condition. I'll take ones with missing hair, limbs, drawn on, etc. Thank you! Can meet in TC area
Any size, condition, or color. Do not need bags, shoes, etc. Thank you so very much in advance to any who reply.
I'm looking for bright colored tissue paper for my classroom. I'm starting the year with 2 projects that will require things to be wrapped up. Then the kids will be decorating the wrapping. Thank you in advance!
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